Audit, Integrate, Manage. I.T. is that simple.

We simplify the seemingly overwhelming task of managing your information systems. The key to this is our perspective To be remotely located is an advantage. Being remote allows us to properly see,and create a strategic plan in a systemic ITIL focused way.

Through our simple A.I.M. process we will clarify your Information Technology status, and provide a sensible roadmap for the future.

Step 1. Audit

      1. Consult with Business Leaders in your organization.

      2. Establish, what you have as assetts, Desktops, Laptops, PDA's, Tablets, Servers (and function), WEB domains, Email Systems. make connection to, and collect pertinent data for each. IE User, Password, Assett Type, STATUS, Location, Connection, function.

      3. Document all Above collected assets and deliver report within 14 days or at your earliest convenience.

Step 2. Integrate

1. Based on collected data from Step1 Audit, we will deploy management, and monitoring tools to the discovered assets.

2. Establsh baselines, and performance goals and alarms for each assett. Including: User access/security, Update and Patch Status, Antivirus, Backup, and create a reliability assessment, for each.

3. Document our findings including: All Users and Passwords, Installed Software, Security Settings, Summary Recommendations for future implementations within 30 days of initial purchase/contract.

Step 3, Manage

1. Monitor established baselines as set forth in Step 2 Integrate Including Daily: Check the ABC's Antivirus, Backups, Computer usage (Disk/Processor/Memory.)

2. Implement preemptive corrective measures as is deemed necessary, and pre-authorized in retainer agreement.

3. Availability of Thunder mountain Technologies personnel for support, repair, and general helpdesk, as specified under the retainer agreement.

4. Implement "Over-Time" agreed to, measures as established in retainer agreement that may include but are not limited to: System upgrades, migrations, security implementation, website optimization/updates.

Due to the personalized, and confidential nature of this service, only a senior partner will handle your service. We can only accept two new AIM requests per week. Quality over quantity is essential to success, and space IS Limited.

We accept all major credit cards, and corporate checks. For your convenience and protection all credit transactions are processed directly through paypal.

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Thank you in Advance for your Patronage !

Payment Type

*Customer must provide access to administrative accounts, licensing, and subscription information, as needed. In the event the customer cannot provide timely access to information additional fees for resetting/reconfiguring, systems as well as a delay in propsed delivery dates.

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*Limited to issues able to be resolved remotely, hardware failure, or incurable rootkits are not covered. Server Operating systems, MAC, Linux other non-standard Operating System/Hardware combinations are not eligable for this program, however, at our discretion we may still provide service. Partial refund, or credit for hardware "in house" repair is our policy if we cannot resolve the issue. If customer is not able to provide an ethernet connection, service may be suspended, until customer can provide a suitable direct ethernet connection.