My Computer, Network, or Server is Broken, Help For Business

Your Computers and business network, more importantly the data that they hold are critical to your companies survival. We are your instant IT department for your small business. If you have reached this page, because you are down right now, THERE IS HOPE. The good news is, almost everything is fixable, TODAY. The bad news is, this was probably completely avoidable. Call us now, and we will fix the issue. Contract us now, and we will help prevent the next time.

Our business support services are just a phone call away, we offer, a systemic approach to get your business back online, documented, and working!

For Over 20 Years our technicians have been supporting business computer networks, and servers. We are experts in making mission critical systems work, and most importantly work all the time every time.

Our Fall 2012 Business support package will get you back online, and ready for 2013, and includes:

1. Help you get your computers, and devices back online, NOW.

2. Connect to your computers, Servers, and devices to create a map.

3. Contact Each user, or device and audit antivirus status, passwords, computer health, and user needs to create a report for you the business owner.

4. Establish a plan for your IT Services needs based on the report generated above.

We are 100% All American technicians, sales people, and operations managers, located in the United States, who genuinely care. Our Headquarters is on Thunder Mountain, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains.

Why we are better:

We have been providing premium business technical support services for some of the largest companies in the world for the last 20 years. Due to advances in technology, and our expertise in remote systems management, we can provide you with a higher level of service, than our competition, at an affordable price. Call us now for a FREE Needs Assessment. 888-832-1976 ext. 5

Thank you in Advance for your Patronage !


*Customer must have immediate access to licensing, and subscription information. In the case of issues where the Antivirus itself has become the issue, and either must be forcably removed, or the operating system must be reinstalled additional costs may apply.

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*Limited to issues able to be resolved remotely, hardware failure, or incurable rootkits are not covered. Server Operating systems, MAC, Linux other non-standard Operating System/Hardware combinations are not eligable for this program, however, at our discretion we may still provide service. Partial refund, or credit for hardware "in house" repair is our policy if we cannot resolve the issue. If customer is not able to provide an ethernet connection, service may be suspended, until customer can provide a suitable direct ethernet connection.