Cloud Computing, the Promise, the Hype, the Reality

Cloud Computing is not new to us.

For 30 Years The partners at Thunder Mountain have been working with and integrating the technologies that are today known as Cloud Computing. Old Technology, New Applications.

30 years ago, you may have used a green screen to display data from a large mainframe computer, in a sealed room, down the hall, or around the world. Yes that is in essence a private cloud. 15 years ago, you may have heard "The Network IS the computer". Again Speaking of a central data repository, manipulating data, and making it available to a relatively simple client device to interact with the displayed data. YES that was the cloud too. 10 years ago, You may have heard a radio spot for Cyrix Systems, our data center subsidiary on the Rush Limbaugh Program. That WAS the Cloud too. Thunder Mountain has been building private clouds for mission critical applications for 20 years, where the network IS the business.

Cloud Computing, the Promise.

Cloud computing promises many benefits. Because we have been doing this for decades we know the promise, AND we have learned it's challenges. Often Costs are a key selling point. this is rarely valid. You are making your applications Globally available, and scalable, there are legitimate benefits here, but beware the promise of these benefits on the cheap. Distributing your important data from the office closet, or improvised computer room, or datacenter to a state of the art data center and making it available, all the time, everyday, to everywhere, is the true promise of the cloud. Make your data redundant, secure,and safe. Thunder Mountain has been fulfilling the promise of the cloud for 20 years.

Cloud Computing, the Hype.

"Put in in the cloud", "Save it to the cloud" "Virtualize it", and my particular favorite, "it is all in the cloud" If you have been researching cloud providers, I would wager a salesperson has used one of these terms. We promise, no hype, Just solutions. What Changed? Why all the hype? In a nutshell connectivity, and client side devices. With 3 G+ connectivty Your phone has more connectivity available to it than most global corporations 20 years ago. Your Tablet, or Smart Phone has more computing power than that Multimillion dollar Mainframe I mentioned above. The benefits of cloud computing are more strategic in nature, and compose a part of the overall IT management solutions Thunder Mountain provides. No more Hype.

Cloud Computing, the Reality.

Cloud computing is a fundamental tool that thunder mountain uses to provide:

  1. Centralized management, and security, both Physical, and Virtual.
  2. Economies of scale, savings on software, hardware, bandwidth.
  3. Operational efficiencies.
  4. Human Resources efficiencies.
  5. Scalability, and Flexibility.

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We are leaders in the technology of virtualized business systems.

We have been providing premium, desktop, to datacenter support for over 20 years, for clients of some of the largest communications companies in the world, AT&T, Comcast, Xfinity, Ameritech, Quest, BellSouth, Verizon, and many others. We have developed techniques to provide all the services of an in house IT Department, without ever setting foot in the door.

Why we are better:

The average internal IT specialist costs your company over 60,000 dollars a year, with salary, and benefits. We are able to use the same software, and systems over all of our clients. Through technology we have achieved economies of scale to support more users per person, coupled with the knowledge that you need and want personalized support. We do not assign more than 10 client contracts to our technologists. All of our employees are based in the USA. We utilize rural sourcing to provide our employees with a superior lifestyle, while keeping our overhead low.


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