Virus, or Malware got your computer SLOW, or unusable?

These days Malware is a bigger problem than computer viruses.The bad guys have figured out that it is easier to trick you into playing a free game, or running a free program, than it is to beat a global security company We Do NOT recommend you Download, Run, or Install anything without talking to someone first. Honestly that is how you got infected in the first place. Our Friendly, Courteous Technicians are waiting @ 888-832-1976

We provide virus and malware removal services for some of the largest companies in the world, and here, we can help you right now !

Our Fall 2012 Virus, and malware removal special is just in time for the Christmas Online shopping season. Start out safe with the fall AVM, special Tell the technician you want the AVM Special, and we will:

1. Help you get your computer back online.

2. Connect to your computer, and remove the viruses, and malware.

3. Install Free antivirus software, or reinstall your paid subscription*

4. Create a system restore point for your newly cleaned system, to start FRESH !

We are 100% All American technicians, sales people, and operations managers, located in the United States, who genuinely care. Our Headquarters is on Thunder Mountain, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains.

Why we are better:

Because We REALLY Do care ! our owners, and technicians are all people who have worked for some of the largest IT, Security, Anti-Virus, and telecommunications companies in the world. We all have been told "No you cannot do that", "corporate guidelines prohibit that", or "that is not cost effective", even though whatever the course of action.. IT WAS the RIGHT THING TO Do. We are here to do the right thing, every time, All the time, and appreciate your support.

Thank you in Advance for your Patronage !


*Customer must have immediate access to licensing, and subscription information. In the case of issues where the Antivirus itself has become the issue, and either must be forcably removed, or the operating system must be reinstalled additional costs may apply.

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*Limited to issues able to be resolved remotely, hardware failure, or incurable rootkits are not covered. Server Operating systems, MAC, Linux other non-standard Operating System/Hardware combinations are not eligable for this program, however, at our discretion we may still provide service. Partial refund, or credit for hardware "in house" repair is our policy if we cannot resolve the issue. If customer is not able to provide an ethernet connection, service may be suspended, until customer can provide a suitable direct ethernet connection.