What Makes Thunder Mountain Different ?

Thunder Mountain Technologies knows that today, every busines is a digital business. Your income, family, and employees depend on reliable access to your data, and systems. We understand the amount of trust it takes to decide on a service provider, and we understand the responsibility that being your Desktop to Datacenter IT solutions provider brings. We humbly ask for your business.

Trust, The first tenant of any relationship.

For over 20 years The prinpals of Thunder Mountain have worked in the background as the service provider, building networks and services relied upon by many leading global companies. We do not claim to be the fastest, cheapest, or most cutting edge. We do promise to provide the highest quality solutions avaialble, within your budget. Thunder Mountain strives for personalized service, Quality over Quantity. Our Senior partners directly oversee no more than 10 clients at any one time. Our Technicians are assigned to your account, know your name, and most importantly know your needs. If you need Technical support for your business, please call us today for a free consultation.


Simply put Thunder mountian is engineered form the ground up as a remote services provider, based on years of experience in the network service provider industry. As service provider we have managed networks and devices all around the globe from geographically diverse locations. If you have offices in multiple locations, we can cover them all, 24 hours a day seven days a week, our machines watch your systems and devices our technicians watch the machines. Our teqniques allow a single technician to service hundreds of computers, and montior thousands of connections.

Boring is Good

Coming from the service provider world we have built the systems to manage the computers, networks and devices attached to them. From our gegraphically diverse locations we can pinpoint issues anywhere in your computer systems, be they on the desktop, part of the network, internet related, or server system. Often we can resolve most issues before they are noticed. Boring is good.

We are leaders in the technology of virtualized business systems.

Thunder Mountain, coined the term "desktop to datacenter support". For over 20 years, we have designed, integrated, and managed some of the largest communications networks in the world, AT&T, Comcast, Xfinity, Ameritech, Quest, BellSouth, Verizon, and many others. We have developed techniques to provide all the services of an in house IT Department, without the costs, and inefficiencies. Utilizing the latest technologies and many old ones, that we have customized and integrated, Thunder Mountain empowers your business to use all the latest technologies, without all the costs, and business implications of an internal employee, or staff.

What that means for your business is systems continuity, and stability. Thunder Mountain brings the latest technologies, management, and systems to your business computer network. The truth is, most computer and network problems are preventable. Many new clients are obsessed with system backup, primarily because they have been hurt in the past, by preventable failures, and no backup. The truth is that backups are an essential part of systems management, however several measures that should have been in place have already failed, before data restoration is needed. We have customers running the same hardware for 15 years without system failure, or data restoration ! Our Customers have NEVER Lost Data, EVER.

We Audit, Integrate, and manage your devices; tablets, smart phones, laptops, desktops, servers, and networks to prevent the next crisis. Because we are remote, and monitoring thousands of business systems, we are able to see trends, and apply the very best technology solutions. Stop running your I.T. From Crisis to Crisis.

We use the same techniques software and methodologies of the largest international corporations. We apply them to your business, as your business needs. Our expertise goes beyond simply fixing your computers, but how to implement technology to help your business.

Small and medium businesses are our specialty. Computer broken? Call us now. Wireless network not working, call us now. Server Crashed, let us fix it ! We can be there in seconds.




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*Limited to issues able to be resolved remotely, hardware failure, or incurable rootkits are not covered. Server Operating systems, MAC, Linux other non-standard Operating System/Hardware combinations are not eligable for this program, however, at our discretion we may still provide service. Partial refund, or credit for hardware "in house" repair is our policy if we cannot resolve the issue. If customer is not able to provide an ethernet connection, service may be suspended, until customer can provide a suitable direct ethernet connection.